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FRQ #4 (Judicial branch)

Posted in FRQ by bleedingh3art on February 28, 2007

The Chief Justice is one of the most influential people in America. He has many important roles, and at the same time is hardly even mentioned in the Constitution. One of his main rolls is serving as presiding officer of the Senate during an impeachment trial of the President. The Chief Justice is the most visible and recognizable of the Supreme Court justices.

The Chief Justice is only talked about once in the Constitution. It only says that if the president is tried, the Chief Justice must act as judge for the trial. Besides that, he isn’t mentioned, witch leaves a lot of shaping of his role to Congress.

What does the Chief Justice actually do? Besides the 100 or so court cases he acts as a judge to every year, he has many other important duties. For example, The Chief Justice approves appointments and salaries of some court employees. He also Directs the publications of Supreme Court Opinions, and approves the rules of the Supreme Court library. These are just a few of the 53 duties the Chief Justice has.

There are many important duities and roles that a Chief Justice must fulfill, the most important of all, acting as judge for an impeachment. Along with the publicity, he also has to bear the weight of important court cases, and possible criticism they could create.


Five Traits of a Good President

Posted in FRQ by bleedingh3art on February 9, 2007

When looking at the presidents of America’s history and trying to pick the best one, it is important to look at individual traits that make a good president. Each and every American president is looked at differently by people. Some presidents were loved by many people and barley accomplished anything in office. Others made fantastic decisions and or improved our economy, but were overlooked.

The five traits of a good president are: Intelligence, Honesty, Connectivity, Persistence, and Leadership.

Intelligence is important to any leader because of obvious reasons. The ability to make realistic policies and decisions is very important. In order to make these decisions, a president should be intelligent. Extensive knowledge of the American political system is needed. Good public speaking skills can be grouped under this category also. It is important for a president to be able to talk to his people. A good example of this would be FDR’s fireside chats.

A trait that is almost laughably hard to come by in politics is honesty. Every president in history has made a false promise to his people, usually during the presidential election. If a president was ever true to all of what he said, he would easily win best president in anyone’s book.

The ability of a president to be able to connect with his people is very important for a president. Doing so brings about a great deal of trust. The State of the Union Address is a great chance for any president to connect with the people. Clinton’s MTV saxophone playing was a great way for him to connect to America’s youth, and helped him win the election. FDR’s famous fireside chats helped him connect with the people.

Persistence is an important trait for any American leader. Taking an idea that is good for the nation and being persistent to have a bill proposed and passed helps our nation out a great deal. Teddy Roosevelt was very motivated to get bills passed when it came to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Mark Sullivan, a man greatly involved in the FDA, stated:

“I cannot say that I have any positive recollection of ever having discussed the pure food bill specifically with President Roosevelt. I did discuss it very often with Harry Needham and with R. M. Allen. I also did discuss it occasionally with yourself, as you will remember. Based on my recollections of conversations I had with Needham and Allen, my strong belief is that Roosevelt not only believed in the Pure Food Bill but was energetic in getting it passed.”

As you can see, persistence plays a definite roll in being a successful president.

The most obvious of all five traits is Leadership. What is a good leader if he does not have any leadership skills? Being able to take on the great responsibility of running an entire country is a great burden, and without leadership skills, it would be impossible. Lincoln is a fantastic example of leadership. He was leading our country during the hardest possible time to be president. Still, he held strong, and re-united the United States of America.